Your email address should sound professional.

Small things matter a lot when you want to stand out from the crowd. Email address is one such thing. As you all know, email address has two parts. First part is everything that is before “@” sign and second part is everything that comes after “@” sign. Technically first part is called identity and second part is domain. For example in the email address, johnk is the identity and is a domain.

If you already have your website with your own domain and if your hosting provider provides the facility to create email address on your domain, I suggest to use such email address for all business communication rather than using or email ID. It looks professional. If you don’t have domain name registered for your business, you can opt for free email providers like yahoo, gmail or MSN. I suggest to use any one among these; that is Yahoo, MSN or Gmail. Try avoiding email service from or

Coming to identity part, try to make the identity part of your email address as professional as possible. If you are using gmail or MSN service for email, you might not get the email address of your choice; especially if your name is very common. In that case, many people end up creating an identity such as loveboy_jk or ping_me_ant66 or hindu_raj. Such email identities are highly unprofessional and are to be avoided in any case. If you have your own domain and website, you will not face this problem because you will have the options of creating email address of your choice.

Since email address helps you positioning yourself, it should sound professional.

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