Why should I update / upgrade my WordPress site?

WordPress (or for that matter, any popular opensource software like Joomla, Drupal, Magento, OpenCart, Prestashop etc) releases new versions and urges the users on old versions to update / upgrade to new version. For a webmaster to the site owner, this might seem as an unimportant, avoidable task as nothing apparently seem to be risky for the site on the older version. And since the site is working fine, WordPress updation / upgradation is mostly overlooked. Everything goes well until the site is hacked. And then webmasters realize the importance of upgrading / updating WordPress. So, let’s see why to update / upgrade WordPress? There are three important reasons…

  1. Security – WordPress being an opensource CMS, its source code is publicly available. The hackers can study this publically available code and find the vulnerabilities in it for further hacking attempt. To combat this, WordPress team releases new versions which take care of security loopholes in the previous versions. This is the reason why you should consider updating / upgrading your WordPress regularly.
  2. New functionalities and features –  WordPress team constantly work on improving the functionality, features that the WordPress as a CMS offers. These features can be related to UI, administrative side, SEO etc. Unless you update / upgrade your WordPress, you won’t be able to use the new features.
  3. Bug Fixes – WordPress is opensource software. It is developed & tested by community of programmers who might not sit in the same development centers. Its collaborative development done remotely using SVN softwares. Therefore the source code of such open source softwares may have more number of bugs as compared to proprietary software or closed source software. But their team constantly tests the software even after it is released to the market and if any bug is found, new patch is released in the next version. This is why, you should update / upgrade your WordPress whenever there is new version.

WordPress upgrade / update is not at all the expensive or time consuming. However, WordPress upgrade / update is not recommended to be done by non-technical team as there is high risk of data lose if this updation process is performed in the wrong way. WordPress update can be done by the company like ours in a day and at the cost which can be under $100 in most of the cases. Contact us at if you want to update / upgrade your WordPress site. Your newer version will be bug-free, secure and feature rich.

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