Which is the best hosting provider for Linux hosting? Answer is GoDaddy

We have used more than 50 hosting companies and have reached to the conclusion that GoDaddy is the BEST. We evaluated the hosting providers on parameters below and our views as to why GoDaddy is best are….

  1. Prices – GoDaddy provides very competitive prices for all the hosting plans
  2. Flexibility of plans – They have around three hosting plans. Basic plan is good for single site owners. The moderate plan is suitable for hosting more than one site. Higher end plan is good for development companies for hosting their client’s sites and to use the hosting as a development server
  3. Configuration – In all their plans, the configuration of hardware and software is quite good
  4. Downtime – Negligible
  5. Control panel interface – Very easy control panel interface. And for new accounts, GoDaddy provides CPanel as well
  6. Technical Support – Very efficient support with minimal TAT for any technical compliant
  7. Market share – They have (probably) the largest market share in hosting space. Companies with larger market share are always reliable and trustworthy as they maintain quality of their service so as to retain the position.

Last but very important note – GoDaddy never automatically upgrades your CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop etc.). Other hosts like Bluehost automatically upgrade the version of CMS and they call it as security upgrade. But this causes a big problem if you have used any module of the CMS. If the module you have used, or the theme you have integrated with CMS does not support the new version of CMS, your site is at toss.

You will find many blog posts claiming gray sides of GoDaddy. But our experience makes us strongly recommend GoDaddy for Linux hosting.

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