What should I blog about?

Choosing the right topic(s) for your blog is tricky. If you wish to blog merely as a hobby, then feel free to write about whatever you want. If, however, you want to get into serious blogging and possibly use your blog for marketing of yourself or your business, you will need to choose your blog topic(s) more carefully.

The first mistake to avoid is making the blog inclined towards YOU. This includes writing excessively about personal matters. This works for celebrities but unfortunately not for people like us. Your blog should have a specific topic to discuss. Such topic can be anything like “Luxury Watch Industry in India” or “Outsourcing to East” or “Windows Vs Apple”.

The second mistake newbie bloggers generally commit is trying to cover too many different topics in one blog. You have to choose one or two related and inter-relevant topics for your blog. If you write about technology, politics and fitness in one blog, it will be difficult for you to develop homogeneous reader group.

Another important pointer is frequency of blog posts. If you blog at a regular frequency, people will certainly visit your blog and will subscribe to new blog posts. No one expects you to blog every day. But the optimum frequency is once in a week or once in a fortnight.

Be simple, honest and original when you blog.

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