What is a ‘CMS’ or ‘content management system’ for websites?

Consider you own a small 5 page website which is built in plain HTML. Suppose that after 6 months from the launch of the website, you have shifted your office to a new location and hence you wish to update your new address on the “contact us” page on your website. Just to change the few lines of address, you need to know the basics of HTML. You then need the access to your hosting server through FTP. You then download the relevant HTML file of “contact us” page from the directory on your hosting server. You then need to update the new address by changing the appropriate code lines in the HTML markup of “contact us” page. You then need to upload this file again to the same directory on your hosting server. If everything goes well, your contact us page will now show your new address.

Don’t you think this is like going from London to New York via Tokyo? Well, CMS or content management system for websites helps you update the website contents very easily; that too without knowing HTML coding. Just that the website has to be built on a CMS.

Technically, instead of fetching the website contents from the HTML file, the CMS fetches the contents from the database. Obviously, the CMS provides the functionality to first upload the relevant content in the database so that the same data can be fetched from the database and rendered / displayed onto your browser.

When a website is built on a CMS, the owner or webmaster of the website gets an access (User ID and Password) to the website’s back-end / admin panel. Admin panel allows him to open the particular page in an editor like MS Word. You can view and edit the contents of this page and save it again. Thus, the new data goes in the database and when this page is requested by the site visitor from the browser window, the new data is rendered and displayed onto your browser. Anyone who knows how to use MS Word can change the contents; no need to know HTML at all.

Joomla is world’s most popular open source CMS (content management system).

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