Website for a restaurant

5 years back, it was a choice for a restaurant owner to have or not to have a website for a restaurant that he owns. But today, website is must to have or essential entity for every restaurant. Website is now a primary place where people first go before actually visiting the restaurant. The purpose of finding restaurants online and visiting its website varies – it can be finding information about the restaurant, knowing its menu and servings, reading reviews of the restaurant, checking the timings, getting exact address and contact number etc etc. Since everyone now has smart phones, its common practice to find information about restaurants online and seek information and then decide which restaurant to visit.

A website for a restaurant can benefit the restaurant owner immensely!! How….

  • It gives an opportunity for the restaurant to create an online presence.
  • Website is an always-online broacher of the restaurant – 24*7*365.
  • Through website, people can know about the restaurant, the menu and contact details.
  • Only few restaurants have their own website. Having a website can be cutting edge over competition.
  • A website coupled with a blogging software gives an opportunity to a restaurant to write about different recipes. This in turn build trust.
  • The website of the restaurant can be integrated with platforms like Swiggy, Foodpanda, Zomato for online food delivery.
  • Website also helps a restaurant to showcase its history, specialty, upcoming events, discount offers, food festivals etc.

Thus, a website showers light on the restaurant and helps in positioning.

What all should be there in a website for a doctor?

  • Attractive, foodie design
  • Device friendly design that works well on desktops, tables and mobiles
  • Appealing homepage listing special menu, food gallery, brief history etc.
  • Detailed menu.
  • Information about upcoming events, offers etc.
  • Online delivery system and integration with Swiggy, Foodpanda, Zomato
  • Image gallery to showcase sitting arrangement, food etc
  • Testimonials section to how customer satisfaction
  • A blog with recopes
  • Contact details with timings

Which technology, hosting is suggested for developing website for a restaurant?

  • Development Technology
    • HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap
    • PHP with MySQL
    • WordPress CMS
    • Joomla CMS
    • Drupal CMS
  • Hosting
    • GoDaddy Linux Hosting
    • BigRock Linux Hosting
    • HostGator Linux Hosting

How Lets Webify can help a restaurant to build a website?
Lets Webify is a website designing company in Pune having 10+ years of experience of designing and developing websites for restaurants, hotels and motels. We also have wide experience of developing online stores, ecommerce websites. While developing a website for a restaurant, this experience is certainly leveraged. Be it a veg restaurant, multi-cuisine restaurant, non-veg special food joint, south Indian Snacks center or continental restaurant – we deeply understand what all is needed for these types of restaurants and how to design website for restaurants.

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