Website for a NGO

Are you looking for website design company in Pune or Mumbai to design and develop website for NGO in Pune or Mumbai or anywhere in India? Read on…

NGOs are always active in social work. Their contribution towards society is undoubtedly admirable. However, NGOs have been seen to be little bit slow on creating their own presence on internet space. Not many NGOs have their own website as of now. However, things are changing. With the inclusion of young team members, many NGOs in Pune and Mumbai are now preparing for building their own websites to showcase their work and to seek funding. When people hear about a NGO, they naturally first check if the NGO has a website. Therefore, it is now obligatory for a NGO in a city like Pune or Mumbai to have its own website. Especially, while seeking funding, people have tendency to study the website of the NGO before making decision on funding. The purpose of finding NGOs online and visiting their website can be – finding information about the NGO, knowing about its social cause and past social work, reading reviews about the NGO, knowing the founders and key team members, exploring funding opportunities, getting exact address and contact number etc etc.

A website for NGO can extremely benefit the NGO!! How….

  • It gives an opportunity for the NGO to create its own online presence.
  • Website is an always-on booklet of the NGO which people can see any time, any day.
  • NGO website showcases every small information about the NGO– right from cause behind the NGO to founders & team members, funding information, fund requests, past work etc.
  • Handful of NGOs have their own website. Having a website can be an advantage over peer NGOs.
  • The website of the NGO can be integrated with payment gateway so that people can easily donate money online.
  • NGO website can showcase its work, achievements and awards received so as to build credibility.

What all should be there in a website for NGO?

  • Decent design
  • Mobile Responsive layout
  • Professional homepage showcasing NGO’s work, social cause, gallery etc
  • Information about upcoming events, offers etc.
  • Fund raising and online payment facility
  • Picture gallery
  • Testimonials section
  • Contact details with map

Which technology, hosting is suggested for developing website for NGO?

  • Development Technology
    • HTML, CSS
    • WordPress Content Management System
  • Hosting
    • BigRock
    • GoDaddy

How Lets Webify can help to build a website for NGO?
Lets Webify is a website design company in Pune having 10+ years of experience of designing and developing websites for NGOs, social organizations, CSR groups etc. We also have wide experience of developing e-stores, ecommerce websites. While developing a website for NGO, this experience is certainly counted. Be it a NGO, a social workers organization or a CSR group – we understand the need of the NGOs and how to design website for NGO.

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