“Shop by brand” module for Prestashop

For a multi-product, multi-brand online store, “Shop by brand” is a must-to-have feature. While building the site for one of our clients, we needed this feature to be included.

What we were essentially looking for was – Suppose I have products of brand “Apple”. Apple has products in many categories like iPhones, iPods, Mac Books, Tablets etc. When I land on Apple brand page, all the products from all these categories should be listed. And there should be a category filter in right/left panel which helps users to select a particular category under Apple brand. Thus, after we apply the filter for a particular category, only the products from that category under Apple brand should be displayed.

But we realized that there is no such core or third party module available for Prestashop. So we developed it and is now available for sell. Please do contact us at if anybody is interested.

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