Prestashop Vs Virtuemart

Which one is better – Prestashop or Virtuemart?

We have worked on both the platforms – Prestashop 1.4.x, 1.5.x as well as Virtuemart 1.x, 2.x. In our experience, for all standard requirements, Prestashop is the best. It provides almost every standard feature that an small and mid sized online retailer may require. Catalog management, order management, discounts management for a website built on Prestashop is much easier, even for an non-technical resource. The checkout process is simple.

Virtuemart 2 is yet in infant stage. Further, in an attempt to be more commercial, the VM2 system does not even provide basic features as a part of core offerings. And hence, if you want such features, you need to buy the plug-in. For example – social share buttons on product details page – this feature does not come with VM2. You need to buy a plug-in for it. For every such basic feature, you will have to spend money. Against this, Prestashop provides lot of features free.

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