Sub-contracted Projects from US/UK

  • VenereIndia

Client: Our clients are different website design, development & marketing companies based out of US, UK, Canada. They deal with the end client and sub-contract ecommerce website development projects to us – many a times, without the end client knowing that site is actually developed in India.

Services Supplied: Website development / programming (HTML, CSS, Joomla, WordPress, Drupal)

Project Brief: In such typical white-labeled sub-contracting scenario, the client acquisition and website design is done by local website design, development and marketing companies. And then they outsource the actual programming part to us. Our sole responsibility is to convert their design in working websites and implement the agreed features.

Project Outcome: The outcome is not only a nice, feature rich website but also sizable saving to the end client as well as intermediate local agency. We have expertise in all major open source ecommerce platforms including Joomla, WordPress, Drupal. With the blend of expertise in these platforms and our sound HTML/CSS skills, we have built 150+ online stores for our global clients.

We are bound to keep the identity of intermediate companies and end client s confidential. Hence we have not mentioned their names openly. Hope you respect our professional ethics and do not urge us to disclose the names.