• Stardust

Client: Magna Publishing Company Ltd

Services Supplied: Website design, graphics design, HTML/CSS programming, Joomla templating

Project Brief: The client is a leading publisher of books, magazines and home entertainment videos. They wanted this site to be design and developed for one of their leading magazines focusing on bollywood. They wanted the website to showcase everything that is published in hardcopy of Stardust magazine.

Project Outcome: A content rich, striking website that hosts everything present in the hardcopy of Stardust magazine. However, the articles on the website are not full; one has to subscribe to read the full articles. The provision has been done to archieve the articles. Easy to use picture and video gallery fetches the attention of the viewers. At the same time, backend of the picture and video gallery is made quite simple so that heavy contents can also be added quickly and easily. The top stories scroll vertically along with the changing picture for each story. A Tweet box is introduced which shows tweets of all major bollywood celebrities.