SEED Management

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Client: SEED Management Services

Services Supplied: Website design, graphics design, HTML/CSS programming, Joomla templating, content writing

Project Brief: The client is a leading workforce and payroll automation company. They sell their automation softwares bundled with the hardware of leading companies like Honeywell. The company has 3 products and their prime requirement was to demonstrate everything about one product on one single page. Besides, they wanted the website to look professional and clean. They wanted us to write all the contents for the site, including technical one.

Project Outcome: A decent business website with effective product presentations. The visitor gets to know almost everything about the company just referring the homepage. The 3 products are detailed on 3 different pages and each page categorically shows the information about product brief, benefits, applicability and screenshots of product – all in clickable tabs. Other features include quick contact form, newsletter etc. All the contents of the site are written by our team.

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