Personal Branding Training, Workshop for Executives in Pune, Mumbai (India)

Personal Branding Training, Workshop for Executives in Pune, Mumbai (India)Objective
It’s been observed that many top management professionals, executives and independent consultants (doctors, advocates, physicians etc) do outstanding work in their business domain. Eventually they become distinguished authority in the domain. And because they are different from others, most of them naturally wish to gain name, fame, popularity, attention, mindshare, respect and monitory returns from the society and industry. Unfortunately, very few of them actually get such returns.

Where do they fail? They fail in personal packaging and personal marketing. Even professionals who have successfully marketed products and services for their companies fail to market themselves. This workshop is for all such people who wish to become a personal brand but don’t know how to do that.

This is the era where most of the information exchange & trade is happening over internet and small internet based applications like blogs, business networking sites (like LinkedIn and Xing) and twitter are making big difference for corporates and individuals. With the help of these internet tools, building a personal brand has become easy and effective.

The objective of this personal branding training (1 day workshop) is to educate the attendants on what is personal branding, how to create a personal brand and how we can leverage on latest Web 2.0 social media (Blog, LinkedIn, Twitter etc) to build and maintain your personal brand.

Who should attend? Target audiences…

  • Middle and higher level management members (VPs, COOs, CEOs, CTOs, MDs etc)
  • Individual consultants
  • Professionals (doctors, advocates, financial investment planners etc)
  • Owners of small and medium businesses
  • Artists, actors, stage performers
  • Anyone who wants to build a personal brand

This will be a one full day (10 AM to 6 PM) training session.

Date / Venue
This will be a personalized training offered to the individual. Please write an email to for fixing up date.

Rs. 45000 + service tax.

Table of Contents – “Personal Branding” workshop

Session 1 – Branding and Personal Branding

  • What is branding?
  • What is personal branding?
  • Practical ways of looking at personal branding
  • Why build a personal brand?
  • Benefits of personal branding
  • Who should build a personal brand?

Session 2 – Steps towards building a personal brand

  • Step 0 – Warm up
  • Step 1 – Be truthful
  • Step 2 – Discover your brand
  • Step 3 – Create your brand
    • Preparation
      • Brainstorm a mission and a vision statement
      • Identify your personal brand statement
      • Give yourself a slogan
      • Figure out your brand attributes
      • Discover your audience
    • Offline Personal Branding Techniques
      • Attend events
      • Join special interest groups
      • Attend industry summits
      • Join clubs like Rotary Club, Lion Club
      • What you should NOT do in offline personal branding
    • Online Personal Branding Techniques
      • Creating professional email address
      • Creating your own website
      • Creating Skype account
      • Creating account on Twitter
      • Creating video presentations and loading them on YouTube
      • Creating Google Local (Google Places) profile
      • Creating accounts on business networking site –
      • Creating accounts on business networking site –
      • Creating your blog

Session 3 – Personal Branding through Blogging

  • What is a blog?
  • Website Vs Blog (Features of a blog)
  • Characteristics of the blog
  • Benefits of blogging for individuals / consultants
  • Create your blog
    • How to create a blog?
    • What should I blog about
    • DOs and DONTs while blogging
  • How much do I need to invest to start a blog?
  • How to market the blog?
  • Use of Facebook & LinkedIn in personal branding

Trainer’s Profile
Sagar Deshpande is a mechanical engineer by education, an e-marketing professional by profile and is an independent consultant and trainer. He has over 9 years of experience in telecom and IT industry. For last 6 years, he is closely associated with conceptualizing, planning and implementing various ecommerce portals, social and business networking sites and professional websites with Web 2.0 standards. He is also associated with activities and efforts related to Search Engine Optimization, Google AdWord management and Google Local optimization with the effective use of social internet media. Having worked in the role of global account manager with various startup IT service companies, he has a great acumen of customer buying behavior, online marketing, usability, user experience, eCommerce, online brand building and dealing with unknown competition.

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