Microsoft Security Essentials – Best Antivirus Software

Don’t know how many of us know that Microsoft has launched its new antivirus software “Microsoft Security Essentials” in 2009 and it is the most used antivirus software in year 2011. It addresses both, the internet security as well as PC level threats. “Microsoft Security Essentials” is a free software from Microsoft. However, it can be downloaded and installed only on the machines that run on Genuine (licensed, non-pirated) operating systems of Microsoft.

Its simple calculation – Instead of buying any other AV software license (say for next 4 years license), if you invest the same amount in buying licensed OS from Microsoft, you will get “OS + AV Software” in the same amount. Isn’t this a good deal? What are you waiting for? If you are running on Windows 7, click here to download “Microsoft Security Essentials”.

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