List your business on Google Local (Google Places for business) for FREE. Get on 1st page of Google Search Listing !!!

Google Local (Google Places for business) profile is one of the most effective tools of internet based pull-marketing. Google Local (Google Places for business) allows you to create your company’s free business listing with Goggle. When potential customers search for city specific (local) information, they find your business listed on Google Maps. The listing contains your business name, address, phone number, products, services, payment terms, specialties, hours of operation, photos of your storefront or products etc. It’s free and you NEED NOT to have your own website.

One important fact to be noted is – Google Local (Google Places for business) is for local (city specific) searches and not for global (regular) searches. The difference between the local and the global searches is – Consider you own a Volkswagen Dealership in London and name of your business is “VW Cars”. If someone searches on Google with the search string “Volkswagen Dealership in London” and if your business is well listed and optimized on Google Local (Google Places for business), people will find “VW Cars” listed on the first page on Google through Google Maps. But if a global search term such as “Volkswagen Dealership in UK” is used, “VW Cars” will not be listed on the search result page through Google Maps. Google does not trigger displaying the business names on Google Maps if the search term is not local.

People (knowingly, unknowingly or otherwise) use local search terms when they wish to find something in a specific city. On the other hand, they use global (regular, normal) search terms when they don’t have any specific objective to find something within a particular city.

The keywords for local searches can be…

  • Volkswagen Dealership in London
  • Budget hotels in central Paris
  • Indian restaurant in San Diego

The keywords for Global (or non-local, normal, regular) searches can be…

  • Colleges in Sweden
  • Banks for South Africa

Local business owners can take big advantage of Google Local (Google Places for business) to get on the first page of Google search result. All you need to do is to create and optimize the Google Local account. Creating the account is easy. But to get your name on first page of Google, you need to well optimize your listing. You can hire a professional digital marketing company (like Let’s Webify) for such optimization.

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