Is website usability so important?

Think of the laptop bag which has only shoulder strap; it has no short handle to hold in your hand. Will you use such bag? Of course you won’t. Same is the case with websites. People leave the website if it’s not usable. Few scenarios wherein people leave the website are…

  • They leave if your website fails to clearly state what you offer or what they should take out of the website.
  • They leave if the site is difficult to navigation.
  • They leave if website does not answer visitors ‘would be questions’.
  • They leave if the information mentioned on the website is difficult to understand or comprehend.

You have already spent a lot on getting the traffic on your site. And if your visitors leave your site because your site not usable, you are a big looser. Website usability is very important because…

  • It helps the visitor to navigate in website and find the necessary information. Thus, usability ensures retention of visitor on your site.
  • It helps in converting your site visitor into your potential customer
  • It decreases your website’s bounce rate.
  • Usability has direct relation with search engine optimization (SEO) of your website. Search engine crawlers like ‘usable’ websites.
  • Click to conversion ratio of usable websites is higher for a PPC campaign. Better usability implies to lower support cost.
  • Usable websites raise user satisfaction. Do you want satisfied users?

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