Impact of Facebook Ads on footfall for Events and Exhibitions

You cannot win a battle with just one type of weapon. Same applies to ad campaigns. You cannot reach to your target audiences using just one type of media. (I am not telling you anything innovative). So, the next obvious question is – what media mix should I try?

We recently conducted Facebook ad campaign for an exhibition (IT Expo 2011) organized by Pune’s ‘Computer and Media Dealers Association’ or CMDA. The organizers of ‘IT Expo 2011′ were not much hopeful about the result they may get from Facebook ads. But we were quite sure about effectiveness of Facebook ads for such exhibition.

To their surprise, 17% of the people surveyed at the event said that they came there following the Facebook ad. Interesting?

More interesting fact is that IT Expo’s ad budget for Facebook was just 4% of the total ad budget. (Other than Facebook ads, they did Print ad and Radio ad and some outdoor advertising). So, by spending 4% of total ad budget on Facebook ads, they got 17% footfall.

I appreciate CMDA for trying out Facebook ads which is relatively new ad media. Hope other events and exhibition organizers will soon follow this trend.

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