How to create a blog? How to start blogging?

Many of us, especially those who are not very much familiar with using web based IT products in social arena are bit skeptical and hesitant to use them. Blog is not an exception. Many of them feel that though they are well acquainted with Blog as a concept, creating a blog is something rocket science. This creates fear and stops them to get into actual blogging.

In fact, creating a blog and maintaining it is as easy and simple as creating a Gmail account and composing & sending emails. Technically, you can create a blog with hosted blogging platform providers like WordPress or Blogger. This is the easiest and the ‘free-of-cost’ option of starting blogging. Other option is to purchase a domain name & hosting space, installing the blogging platform on your own shared hosting space, configuring the database, choosing theme and getting ready for blogging.

I suggest the first ‘free-of-cost’ option to beginners to start with. The other option not only demands money for purchasing domain name, hosting space and creating your blog website, it also demands programming knowledge (HTML/CSS) to some extent. So, your initial investment would be somewhere in the range of $500 – 600 with recurring cost of around $150 per year for domain name and hosting space. That’s why lets go with ‘free-of-cost’ option. Thing to be noted is that even though you have a ‘free-of-cost’ hosting account with WordPress or Blogger, it is no way inferior. There is no big difference between a blog that you host on your own shared hosting space and a free one from WordPress or Blogger. In case of ‘free-of-cost’ blogging with WordPress or Blogger, your blog url will look like or If you would have chosen to host your blog on your own shared hosting server, the url of your blog would look like or

We have two good options for ‘free-of-cost’ blogging platform – WordPress or Blogger. Blogger is great because it’s super easy to use (obviously because its Google product!!). However, WordPress has a lot more features and plug-ins that will allow you to enhance your blog. And its easy to use too. I personally recommend WordPress.

To create the blogging account on wordpress, click here and follow the instructions. Similarly, to open a blogging account on Blogger, click here. Once your blogging account is created and activated, you may visit this link to know who to write the blog post in WordPress. To know how to write a blog post in Blogger, click here.

I hope this post will help those who are interested in blogging but couldnt start blogging becasue they were not aware that its so easy. Happy blogging !!

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