Email Marketing, Email Marketing with email database in Pune, Mumbai (India)

Email Marketing, Email Marketing with email database in Pune, Mumbai (India)Lets Webify is leading email marketing company operating in Pune, Mumbai (India). We have authentic database of email addresses available in all possible categories – IT professionals, high net worth individuals, frequent flyers, online buyers, students etc. This list of email address is further available city wise (Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, NCR etc). We offer control panel to our customers where they can view the progress and results of their campaign. If our email database is used for email campaigns, we assure 5% open rate. We also work in the modality where you can give us your email database and the campaign will run only for these emails. here, we assure you that your email addresses will not be reused by us in any case. To cross-check this, we advice our clients to insert 5-6 virgin email  address in the email database and observe if you receive any promotional email from us on those email addresses in future. Our services (email marketing campaigns) are bit expensive as compared to cheap service providers; so, only serious companies should contact us.

Direct email marketing through promotional emailers is the fastest option to reach to your target audiences. Typically, email campaigns deliver responses within 48 hours. These days, people are constantly hooked to internet – either through computer, laptop or smart phones. And they frequently access their emails. Thus, The probability of they looking at your promotional emailer is high. With our email marketing services, you can opt for using your email database or avail our database for email campaigns. We are probably the only email marketing company in Pune, Mumbai (India) that guarantees 5% open rate for emails if our database is used. Further, if you decide to use your database, we assure that your email list will not be shared with anyone else; and to validate this stand, you may insert your virgin email addresses in your database and observe for next 3-6 months if we use your database for others.

Our services include…

  • Emailer design
  • HTML emailer creation
  • Email database compiling and mailing list creation
  • Reporting
  • Email campaign impact analysis

Email marketing is one of our core offerings under digital marketing. Call us on +91-9422472525 or write an email to to explore how we can help you in setting up email marketing plan for you.

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