Do you own a blog? Submit it to ‘Google Blog Search’ and enjoy its benefits.

Google has recently started a new service “Google Blog Search” that helps people to search a blog using specific keywords. They can now quickly find the newest and the most relevant blog posts about topics of their interest. And its independent of blogging platforms (WordPress, Blogger, Hotspot etc) as well as hosting providers.

Listing your blog on Google Blog Search is very easy. Just visit this link and submit either the RSS Feed URL of your blog or the URL of your blog. RSS Feed submission is highly recommended.

Blog Search benefits to both – the person who is searching on the net and the owner of the blog. The person who is searching for specific blog topic gets the relevant blog search at a click of mouse. And the owner of the blog gets an opportunity to get his blog listed in relevant search results of Google Blog Search. And it helps him on SEO front as well.

De-listing the already listed blog on Google Blog Search is very easy; you can just make changes in the robots.txt files of your blog. Google Blog Search respects NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW meta tags.

If you are non-technical person, Let’s Webify can help you listing your blog on Google Blog Search. We won’t bill you for that !!!

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